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“After spending 20 years in the staffing industry, I‘ve used the profile system to transform how I identify the best candidate for a job. Being able to identify people’s profiles and then match them with a job that serves their life purpose has been so satisfying for me and my clients. Employees feel successful and fulfilled, while companies are thrilled to have cutting-edge, transformational methods applied to their hiring and retention process. If you are in the business world, this work will shift your paradigm. You will see the power of harnessing the energy in and around you to manifest business success—beginning with identifying your own business purpose, to recruiting, managing, and retaining a world class team and work environment!”


“Learning about the profile system has helped me connect to my highest purpose, inside and out. In almost no time at all, I created my product, “Sacred Cow – The Holy Granola Experience,” that is now selling beyond my dreams. Once you discover your purpose in life, you no longer need to chase it—it chases you.”


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